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Causes of infants’ wrongful death in Jacksonville, FL

A sudden death of an infant is not less than an ordeal for parents. A death which was preventable but happens makes the parents more sad and unhappy. When it is expected from the parents that their medical practitioner will give them and their baby all the possible care, but the said person fails to do so, the child could and this death is considered a wrongful death. This kind of death occurs because of negligence, carelessness, and lethargic or overactive role of a doctor concerned. Usually, the parents throw blind trust in such kind of doctors, but they fail to fulfill the hope of parents. There is not less than a single cause of such a sudden and traumatic death. Sometimes this death happens due to careless attitude of mother, accident or hereditary problems, and most of the time, it happens owing to the inaction or over-action of a doctor. However, in some cases the death cannot be predicted. For example, it may be because of problems in delivery, a birth injury that could have been prevented through a proper medication to mother and the child.

The demise of a child:

The death of an infant up to 28 days is called neonatal death. This type of death can occur for many reasons. Even after having modern and advanced medicines, such deaths are not preventable. Delivery and labor process is very intricate and complex; therefore, there are immense chances that this process may go wrong. The most common instances of an infant’s death are premature birth and low weight of a baby. It is utmost ad important duty of doctors and medical team to monitor carefully and care meticulously of the pregnant mother. If it comes under notice that your doctor did not give due care to the patient, and the death occurred due to that very negligence of the doctor, then immediately come to us to get recovered all of your possible damages. Because we have expert personal injury lawyers at our firm.

Possible causes of an infant’s death:

These are the most common and possible causes of the death of an infant.

1.Limited blood supply:

Limited blood supply is considered as one the possible causes of an infant. As blood is the main transporter of and supplier of oxygen in the body. Therefore, a limited supply of blood restricts the supply of oxygen; causing a situation known as hypoxia.

2.Birth injuries:

A birth injury is also considered as one of the possible causes of an infant’s death. However, there may be many causes for birth injuries. For example, forced delivery, reckless use of delivery equipment, and negligence.

3.Medication mistakes:

It is not necessary that a wrongful death is soon after the delivery. There may arise many other reasons later when mother and infant are under the care of the hospital. Such reasons may include mistakes and errors in medication. Although, adults may also suffer from medication error yet infants and newly born babies are more vulnerable as compared to adults.

4.Mistake in diagnosing:

As human is the other name of mistakes and error, therefore; man cannot be beyond mistakes and errors. It is possible that such types of mistakes may lead to the death. In some cases, diagnose is not possible, whereas in most of the cases the reason of any life-threatening might be detectable. A wrongful death is nothing less than a terrible situation for anyone. Therefore, if you find any such case of medical malpractice, then it suggested to you to come at the reliable platform of Percy Martinez to get your losses recovered. It is beyond our powers to take back your child, but we will put our best to take your legal losses. We have so many instances in which aggrieved parties have recovered their losses through a reliable and professional platform of Percy Martinez.