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We offer compassionate legal counsel to our clients. Rex Dwyer is committed to assisting his clients in obtaining legal solutions for family law issues. Although we encourage a rapid settlement, often times an agreement cannot be reached. That’s when you need an attorney with successful litigation experience to aggressively pursue and protect your rights. Rex has years of successful courtroom experience. A family crisis can be overwhelming. Offering his extensive expertise, Rex will assist you in working through the legal issues involved. We provide counsel for all types of family issues ranging from simple uncontested cases to complex property divisions. At Dwyer Law Firm we are committed to serving our clients and providing them with the best possible legal representation. After 20 years of legal practice in Dallas, Rex Dwyer established Dwyer Law Firm in 2003 in Rockwall, Texas. Dwyer Law Firm is multi-faceted and prides itself on understanding the unique needs of each client. We are a Family Law firm serving the greater DFW area.


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The custody of a child or children is part of the divorce process. If the parents cannot agree upon a custodial resolution then the court will make that decision…

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Most divorces create an emotionally charged environment that can be overwhelming without the help of a qualified professional. Our staff is here to assist…

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We offer compassionate legal counsel to our clients. Rex Dwyer is committed to assisting his clients in obtaining legal solutions for family law issues. Although we…


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    Susan R.

    “I want to recommend Rex Dwyer for your legal needs. He was very professional and attentive to detail. He maintained communication to keep me updated on my case as well as answer any questions. I was very satisfied with his services.”

    Mike M.

    “I recently used Rex for a lawsuit; I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. He keep me updated and outlined the steps in detail to the process. I would highly recommend him for any legal work.”

    James I.

    “I used Rex Dwyer for my divorce he was very attentive and detailed with my case. I would recommend him to anybody for legal needs. He was very helpful with ideas, options, and recommendations for my case. I was very satisfied with Dwyer Law Firm.”

    Rick K.

    “I recently used the services of Rex Dwyer to help me through a personal injury case as the result of an auto accident. The overall process played out just as Mr. Dwyer said it would within the time frame that he laid out for me. The overall experience of using Mr. Dwyer’s services could not have been any easier or pleasant. I would highly recommend contacting Mr. Dwyer if you ever need any legal assistance.

    H. B.

    “Rex Dwyer and the Dwyer law firm are outstanding and in all fields of representation, particularly divorce. Very honest and straightforward, will not take advantage of his clients. Many attorneys try to stretch the process out, making it difficult to maintain a relationship afterwards. Rex demonstrated just the opposite and handled oh matters expeditiously and reasonably.”


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