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Client Testimonials

  • “I want to recommend Rex Dwyer for your legal needs. He was very professional and attentive to detail. He maintained communication to keep me updated on my case as well as answer any questions. I was very satisfied with his services.”

    Susan R.

  • “I recently used Rex for a lawsuit; I found him to be very professional and knowledgeable. He keep me updated and outlined the steps in detail to the process. I would highly recommend him for any legal work.”

    Mike M.

  • “I used Rex Dwyer for my divorce he was very attentive and detailed with my case. I would recommend him to anybody for legal needs. He was very helpful with ideas, options, and recommendations for my case. I was very satisfied with Dwyer Law Firm.”

    James I.

  • “I recently used the services of Rex Dwyer to help me through a personal injury case as the result of an auto accident. The overall process played out just as Mr. Dwyer said it would within the time frame that he laid out for me. The overall experience of using Mr. Dwyer’s services could not have been any easier or pleasant. I would highly recommend contacting Mr. Dwyer if you ever need any legal assistance.

    Rick K.

  • “Rex Dwyer and the Dwyer law firm are outstanding and in all fields of representation, particularly divorce. Very honest and straightforward, will not take advantage of his clients. Many attorneys try to stretch the process out, making it difficult to maintain a relationship afterwards. Rex demonstrated just the opposite and handled oh matters expeditiously and reasonably.”

    H. B.

  • “Rex Dwyer and the Dwyer Law firm have been exceptional in representing me. They have responded timely and Rex has made himself available to ensure that I have the correct understanding and guidance that I need. He has exhibited honesty, integrity and fairness. The Dwyer Law Firm staff are all knowledgeable and pleasant and are an extension of Rex’s character and integrity. I would highly recommend the Dwyer Law Firm.”


  • “Rex Dwyer has helped me on numerous occasions including wills, pre-nups for my children, property division, child support issues for my family, divorce counsel for my family and taken time to review other items from time to time. I have 100% confidence in not only Rex but his team. He is bright, concise and willing to do the necessary homework to ensure that his feedback is spot on. He also ensures that his pricing is fair and his overall billing is reasonable.”

    Dave K.

  • “Rex Dwyer was my divorce lawyer and did a great job of representing me. He has the most integrity of any lawyer I have been associated with. I highly recommend him and is well worth the money.”

    Tom S.