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How Can I Tell If My Loved One Was Emotionally Abused In The Nursing Home?

Emotional abuse is a type of abuse that attacks the person by either verbal or non-verbal actions. It creates a sense of self-doubt and low self-esteem in the person by believing that no one loves them or cares for them. Sadly, emotional abuse takes place in Old Folks’ Homes on a regular basis. The elder population is more susceptible to abuse than any other type of age genre and it is a fact that some nursing homes and staff members take advantage of.

For an elder person in that setting, it could be difficult to speak out and tell their loved ones about what is going on. They may feel fear or embarrassment and would rather deal with it. If an elder person experiences abuse, they are more prone to suffer death quite quicker than expected. Friends and family expect their loved one to be taken care of when they reside in an old folks’ home, not harmed. The top elderly abuse lawyers in Orlando have dealt with the grief and pain that the family members experience upon learning that their loved on was abused.

Nursing home residents experience different types of abuse. One of them is known as emotional abuse. Some people might confuse emotional abuse with psychological abuse, but they are not the same thing. Psychological abuse is done to create a lack of trust in oneself, while emotional abuse is done to create a lack of love for oneself. Usually, an individual will display signs that they have been physically abused.

What Are Some Emotional Abuse Examples?

These are some example of emotional abuse that can occur in nursing homes:

  • Not attending to the resident’s needs
  • Threatening the resident
  • Mocking the resident
  • Insulting the resident
  • Humiliating the resident
  • Isolating the resident
  • Making the resident feel worthless by saying no one loves them

Did Emotional Abuse Take Place?

Emotional abuse will usually not show any signs physically, as would physical abuse. There will be no bruises, no cuts, or broken bones. Emotional abuse is something that might be hard to spot if the person does not know the resident well. Here are some signs that can indicate emotional abuse is taking place:

  • Gaining weight suddenly
  • Losing weight suddenly
  • A change in the resident’s personality
  • Trying to self-inflict harm
  • A drastic decrease in their overall health
  • Withdrawal
  • Anti-social behavior

If any of these signs become apparent, then emotional abuse might be taking place.

Protecting the Residents Rights Against Abuse in Orlando

Emotional abuse can scar the person’s mental state and can transpire to their overall health. Emotional abuse can be draining, and an elder person is not as physically and mentally strong as a younger person to handle that form of abuse. The loved one needs to be there for them and take action as soon as there are any signs of it. The Orlando personal injury lawyers are there to stand by their side while they fight against the negligent and abusive nursing home that caused their loved one pain and injuries.