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Tax Relief Lawyers

Many taxpayers find themselves in a position where they can never pay off the IRS. It can create problems when trying to secure a loan for a home or car. The new IRS program called Offer in compromise allows you to pay the IRS a small amount (pennies on the dollar) and have them wipe out the total amount you owe them including all penalties and interest. When the IRS accepts your offer and you pay it, then all Federal Tax liens are removed.

Preparing and successfully negotiating an Offer in Compromise is a complicted process and currently takes 6-9 months. Dwyer Law Firm handles the preparation of Offers in Compromise and all of the negotiations with the IRS. You never have to meet with the IRS to discuss your Offer.
The IRS takes payroll tax issues very seriously. Our firm will meet with IRS Agents regarding payroll tax issues either at their office or our office BUT not your home or office. We want to allow you every opportunity to operate your business in the best way possible.

If you should find that you can’t pay your tax liabilities on time, the IRS will work out some type of payment arrangements. The payment arrangements are based on how much you can pay. You must understand what the IRS guidelines allow before any contract is made with the IRS regarding monthly payments. At Dwyer Law Firm we review a taxpayer’s financial condition and can usually suggest the amount, which the IRS will accept for a monthly payment before we contact the IRS.

Our Tax Relief practice focuses on:

  • Payroll Tax
  • Tax Problems
  • Removal of Liens
  • Removal of Levies
  • Penalty Abatement
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Installment Payments
  • Innocent Spouse

The only sure thing about IRS problems is……”They don’t go away by themselves.”