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How Long Do Temporary Orders Last?

Temporary orders are valid and enforceable until they are either changed by the Court based on an amended motion for temporary orders, or on a motion for additional temporary orders. All temporary orders are in effect until a final order is entered by the court.

Can I File Another Motion If More Issues Arise Later?

Both before and after a hearing on motion for temporary orders, a party, through their attorney, can file an amended motion requesting additional orders or amending previously entered orders.

Do Temporary Orders Always Become Permanent Orders?

All temporary orders do not always become permanent orders. However, be aware that temporary orders regarding children have a good chance of being a part of the final orders and, therefore, you must be prepared for the temporary orders hearing regarding all child issues.

What Are The Possible Remedies If I Disagree With A Temporary Order?

Because temporary orders are just that, temporary orders, there is typically not a remedy if you disagree with the temporary orders until the final order hearing.

What Types Of Motions Can Be Filed In A Family Court Case?

Regular motion for temporary orders.

Motion for temporary restraining order and motion for temporary orders. This is used when “family violence has occurred”. Under circumstances of Bentley violence, the court can enter a temporary restraining order without notice to your partner/spouse.

How Do I File A Motion In Family Court?

All motions in Family Court need to be based on a pleading. Therefore, your petition or Respondent’s answer must contain language which is consistent with what you are requesting in a temporary order. Then, either within the petition or the respondent’s answer, a party can request temporary orders. Additionally, a party can draft a separate motion for temporary orders at any time after a petition is filed and the respondent has been served and answered.

How Can My Attorney Assist Me In Filing a Motion In My Family Law Case?

Once you have had your meeting with your attorney, he or she will assist in guiding you with what motions need to be filed and what issues need to be addressed in the motions. It is a cooperative effort on the part of the client and the attorney.

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